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iWALK Chameleon Battery Pack for Galaxy S4 | iWALK UK

iWALK Chameleon Battery Pack for Galaxy S4

Powerful 3000mAh battery
The Galaxy S4 Power Case is equipped with a 3000mAh lithium polymer battery to fully charge your S4. The LED battery indicator shows charge and discharge status, and the sleek design and easy-grip exterior give it a great feel. Its ON / OFF switch preserves power and allows you to keep the case on your phone when not in use. You'll also have full access to all controls and ports. The earphone jack port provides complete access even for L-shaped plugs. Pass-through technology allows you to charge your power case and Galaxy S4 at the same time.
3000mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery
Power on/off switch
Simultaneously charge your Galaxy S4 and Chameleon Charger

RRP 14.99 Inc Tax

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