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Link 1000m Docking Battery for all Micro-USB Phones | iWALK UK

Link 1000m Docking Battery for all Micro-USB Phones

Power 1000mAh Lightweight Rechargeable Battery
iWALK Link 1000m Micro USB Ultra Compact Rechargeable Docking Backup Battery works with all mobile devices with Micro USB connections. Whether you're working a trade show or on the ski slope, power will never be in short supply with the Link 1000m. Pre-charged battery means you can use it right out of the box! Unique, compact design to match the look of your phone. Charges the Link 1000m and your phone simultaneously The Lithium-ion power cells provide high capacity in an ultra compact size
  • 1000mAh capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Very stylish, slim, lightweight design, easy to carry
  • LED power indicator light
  • Charges battery and device simultaneously
  • Compatible with all Micro-USB Phones
RRP 19.99 Inc Tax

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